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Mauris Ensemble



Mauris Ensemble is an artistic initiative started in 2022 by three musicians: flautist Magdalena Di Blasi, violist Jan Czyżewski and harpist Adrian Nowak. The group's goal is to create its own musical language, which includes classical repertoire, improvised, experimental and electronic music, as well as a space allowing for intimate contact with the audience and other creators.

The band is constantly developing its activities, collaborating with many renowned artists and entities that expand the creative spectrum of musicians. Working under the supervision of, among others, Rita Costanzi - a world-renowned harpist, artist and actress, the band develops its repertoire, which results in many original projects such as LIQUID, which is a concert of classical and improvised music combined with electronic music and natural wine tasting.

The musicians of Mauris Ensemble are guided by their openness to new forms that go beyond the accepted norms of classical music. Collaboration with visual artists, work with movement and electronic music is the result of a jointly created idea and the individual needs of each Ensemble member.

Meet us.

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